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The Neverending Story (Part I)


If you can design your house, you can design everything.
Seven years ago we finished to build our house and immediately began to settle it down. Our house design and construction was made entirely by our own plans, sketches and designs. The main design ideas were conducted by Mediterranean area in general, also large part of the interiors and other objects we brought from variety of countries, because good ideas may came from anywhere!

For example, a clay vase for a traditional wedding ceremony, as a decor element, arrived from Jordan. The mirror in the cast-iron frame and the table inlaid with mosaics arrived from Morocco. The large bronze chandelier and a bright set of furniture for children’s room we found in Brussels. The bronze sconces have been found on the market in Paris. Colorful tiles made in Syria belongs to the last century. Dishes, crockery. Oh! We love dishes very much and buy them everywhere. The white tea set is from England and another one, decorated with the birds and poppies, is made in the Czech Republic. Wardrobes Art Deco are of the Soviet Era, made in the former USSR. The “samovar” of 70’s has been brought from Ukraine to serve us during long winter evenings and family feasts. The bronze fish and iron vases are from Tokyo. The bed and cast iron fireplace have been made by order. Outdoor furniture, chairs and tables with mosaic have been found in Northern Israel. And many, many other ones.
Every item is handmade and is unique or made as a part of very limited amount.


With this gallery of our personal house design, we’d like to demonstrate you some original ways to create your own living space, using some eclectic combination of ethnic, vintage and antique treasures. You can use them at home or for space scenery.
All of these objects became a part of our family’s history. I remember very well where and when we bought each one of them. Every part of the clothes, a chair or a lamp we can associate with one amazing event.

Beauty was made to be presented in each part of our daily life, not only to be exhibited in museums. If you like ethnic direction, if you love vintage and antiques, and if you want to decorate your home, please contact us. We will gladly help you to find exactly what you like. These items will serve you for years to come. You will be able to leave them as a legacy to your children!
Create your own family story – a priceless gift for future generations.

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