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Elle Decoration Jaro 2022

This spring issue also represents our brand, in more details as well the story about our connection to Kyiv, a city we all truly love and dearly miss, as well as the story behind our apartment there and the process of its reconstruction, where the extraordinary finished interior now features some of our truly beloved Czechoslovak design items, similar which you can acquire on our website.

Head of Edition: Eva Slunečková
Editor-in-Chief: Valentina Nízká
Furniture and apartment: Formalist (Alexandra and Sean Krichmar)
Cover photo: Mikhail Loskutov
Interior design: Emil Dervish
Cover story prepared by: Danica Kovarova

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Your Ideal Lifestyle or Beauty with Meaning


Initially, this article was planned to be about the vintage online store Formalist which specializes in famous brands, I wanted to talk about its advantages over similar online stores, how it operates, and what to order. In short, the usual presentation. But after meeting with Alexandra Krichmar-Shamis, the owner of Formalist, whose enthusiasm about her Internet shop is contagious, my concept has changed.

This is a story about how to make your everyday life a lot more like a holiday, how to set your internal barometer to beauty and how to surround yourself with original things that contain traces of human thought, soul and energy.
Alexandra not only sells an authentic vintage Chanel or a Louis Vuitton in perfect condition, but can also tell you how to surround yourself with beautiful things full of meaning.

Her passion for seeking out exclusive vintage items around the world began 15 years ago in London. Initially, she and her husband were shopping for themselves, not to sell. Over time, their collection had grown and, as a natural process, the passion outgrew the collectors and demanded a wider audience.
Alexandra and her husband opened the online store Formalist selling vintage brand-name items just a couple of years ago.
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