About us

Welcome to Formalist

Our gallery and shop was established in January 2015 in the Czech Republic in the very heart of Prague. We specialize and offer original design items from the 20th century. We manage to find only the most elegant and well-preserved articles of furniture.

We work with our own professional team of restorators, upholsterers and experts. Every item is always being carefully inspected and restored by approved technics only, some items however are kept in their original condition to preserve their true beauty and elegance as it was when first produced.

Collectibles from this kind are not only elegant and quality items but are considered as the investment in the beauty. In order to invest in this industry, however, you need not only funds but also knowledge, sense of the market and, of course, support of highly skilled consultants. Knowing much about antiques, it can be foreseen that some will increase dramatically in value in the nearest future and the others will grow slowly but steadily.

At Formalist we always aim for absolute perfection, to make sure every single item that goes through us, surpasses our clients’ expectations.

We guarantee the authenticity and quality of all our goods.