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Flower-Spring Theme

Spring has come and soon the wonderful summer. The time for bright colors and light scents. Beautiful camellia glass clip earrings from Chanel Gripoix like living petals in clear mid-tones and bright colors.
Founded in the mid-eighteenth century, Gripoix is ​​one of the oldest jewelry manufacturers in the world. Gripoix cooperated with many fashion houses, but the alliance with the House of Chanel was the highlight.
For Chanel Gripoix produced amazing necklaces and clip earrings in the shape of flowers, insects, crosses, jewelry cabochons, brooches and legendary gems. Their distinguishing glass beads were virtually impossible to verify from the genuine jewelry.
Ideal Gripoix’s manufacture and first-class Chanel’s designers created unique bijou. Their products once occupied the first place among the high-end jewelry.
These clip earrings have the size of 3 by 3 cm. (approx) and are not that small but perfectly suit to any elegant or everyday clothes.
See detailed exhibition, photos and a description and if you have any questions about the specific item or shipment and If additional photos are needed, please contact us. We guarantee the authenticity and quality of all our goods.

In our catalog you will also find other treasures from famous Chanel Gripoix. We wish you a pleasant time and wonderful shopping on our website and we would like to see you to get by now and then.
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